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‘It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring!’

Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes)

Since I’ve begun this blog, I have become increasingly convinced of the importance of beauty, especially as it is communicated in and through words. Beauty is a wonderful meeting of order and surprise, a mystery which awakens man from sleep and invites him into the dreamworld of a more real reality than he had before known. Without beauty, truth becomes mere information, and virtue becomes legalism; just as beauty without truth or goodness becomes a fanciful delusion, and no longer beauty. And we are in dire need of beauty today. So here I write of a variety of things: about books that I am reading; about life and the Catholic faith in such way that, I hope, its true beauty is more clearly revealed; and about literature in general, or else I shall write literature itself (poetry or short stories). My intent is that you find here some things that inspire you to ponder, to wonder, to seek reality in the form of truth, goodness, and beauty, and to delight in it; to move continually further up, and further in! (C. S. Lewis, The Last Battle)

Special thanks to Jeffrey McPheeters for permission to use his photo at the top of my blog, as well as in several of my blog posts. You can find his website with more beautiful images here.

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