The Condescension of Divine Love

O Lord, blessed be Thy Name: 
Who, ineffable, perfect, 
give us to know Thee as Father; 
though of Heaven, 
make in us Thy hiding place
and home; 
though transcendent, 
magnify Thy glory,
making us Thy servants;
and Who, King of the universe, 
reign as love in men's hearts, 
and raise him of dust
to the excellence of angels; 
Who sustain ravens weak, 
flowers mortal, 
               men miserable—
giving him Thine own Life
as food, water, comfort;
and making him as Thyself,
O Divine Mercy, 
leading those lost not into ruin, 
but through the desert of sorrows 
unto communion of Life eternal. 
For our hearts,
          our weakness,
                    our salvation
belong unto Thee, 
even in this vale of tears
and in the life to come. 
To Thee be thanksgiving, always. 
Line 3 – John 17:3 
Line 5 – Isaiah 45:15 
Line 6 – John 15:3 
Line 8 – Luke 1:46
Line 9 – Luke 1:48, 17:10 
Line 11 – Luke 17:21 
Lines 14-15 – Matthew 6:26-28 
Line 17 – John 6:53, Psalm 23 
Line 19 – Luke 6:36 
Line 22 – John 16:33 
Line 23 – John 17:22-23
Line 25 – 2 Corinthians 12:9 
Line 26 – Psalm 3:8
Line 28 – Salve Regina (prayer) 
Line 30 – 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

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