Three Poems for the Weary Soul

Christ the Morning Star1 Gently Thou wakest me, adrift on seas of mist; a firm hand to my healing shoulder, a soft touch to my flushed cheek. Though I long to remain on the empty night— no stars, no moon, no wind to guide me elsewhere— Thou speakest thus kindly: Awake, my friend! A newContinue reading “Three Poems for the Weary Soul”

O Star, O Flame, O Mighty Wind

Here follows a poem I wrote over two years ago, inspired by the following passage from the Diary of St. Faustina. I have edited the poem only a little, and left it in its simplicity, for I knew almost as little then of poetry as I do now. April 4, 1937. Low Sunday; that is,Continue reading “O Star, O Flame, O Mighty Wind”

The Condescension of Divine Love

O Lord, blessed be Thy Name: Who, ineffable, perfect, give us to know Thee as Father; though of Heaven, make in us Thy hiding place and home; though transcendent, magnify Thy glory, making us Thy servants; and Who, King of the universe, reign as love in men’s hearts, and raise him of dust to theContinue reading “The Condescension of Divine Love”

Three Poems for the Troubled Heart

O Blessed Mary, Mother of All the Living O sweet lips which let fall fruit of the honeycomb, rest upon my sick heart; Whose kind ears first would hear the Child’s joy and mirth resound, incline to my poor soul. Of Morning Birdsong Listen! O thou downcast soul, disturbed spirit, weak frame— hearest thou weeping?Continue reading “Three Poems for the Troubled Heart”

A Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

O Burning Bush of Light so pure, pray, I pray, that I not endure from afar the fiery Love Thou bearest,but in Thy sorrowful Heart may rest. When suffer I this life’s great trials, and battle against the devil’s guiles,may I the world’s pleasures forsake,an act of reparation to maketo Thy sword-pierced Heart, O gentleContinue reading “A Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary”