Homicidal Passivity: An Analysis of Hemingway’s “The Killers”

In The Killers, Hemingway displays how passivity, rather than reducing one’s agency, can make one an agent, even an agent of evil, through cowardice and irresoluteness. He displays this in each character, either by example or by an ironic contrast. The first person named is neither of the apparent killers, Al or Max, but George.Continue reading “Homicidal Passivity: An Analysis of Hemingway’s “The Killers””

Humility, Charity, and True Honor: A Book Review of Black Cauldron (Prydain Chronicles #2)

In Lloyd Alexander’s Black Cauldron, second of The Prydain Chronicles, both Taran and Prince Ellidyr show in wonderful character arc’s different paths to the the same virtues of humility and charity.1 While we may like Taran and dislike Ellidyr from the beginning, their arcs begin in similar places. Both possess great pride and shame inContinue reading “Humility, Charity, and True Honor: A Book Review of Black Cauldron (Prydain Chronicles #2)”

At Home in Oneself: A Book Review of Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander

In Taran Wanderer, fourth in The Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander, Taran begins his quest to learn his parentage with a great deal of pride. His pride has always manifested itself in the series as quickness to judge others, accumulated shame regarding his own mistakes, and a high value on birth, nobility, andContinue reading “At Home in Oneself: A Book Review of Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander”

Blog Update: A Rule of Life

I recently began to reevaluate my rule of life, to take again a look at my ‘recipe’ for a life well ordered toward true joy and fulfillment in Heaven, beginning in this life and never-ending in the next. I began to do this near the beginning of Advent, and in light of a conversation withContinue reading “Blog Update: A Rule of Life”

No Blog Post Tomorrow—Spend Time in Friendship!

Spending the weekend with family, and due to factors which I shall explain later, I did not have time to write a post recently! So spend some extra time with your family, with a close friend, or especially with someone who is lonely or discourage. If you do not have someone and are isolated, pleaseContinue reading “No Blog Post Tomorrow—Spend Time in Friendship!”

The Silent Love of God

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth. ~Isaiah 53:7 For many of us, the apparent silence of God is confusing or frustrating, and weContinue reading “The Silent Love of God”

St. Imelda and the Fulfillment of All Desire

God is Beauty Itself. And being God, He is indefinable, incomprehensible, unlimited, uncontainable. God knows each one of us perfectly and love each one of us completely, and He alone can fill our deepest and greatest desire for happiness and fulfillment. This is His desire: To fill us with the life and joy of HisContinue reading “St. Imelda and the Fulfillment of All Desire”

Hymns and Antiphons to the Virgin Mary

I fell a tad ill the past week, and thus sleeping cut into writing time. In lieu, therefore, of an original post, I am sharing some hymns and antiphons to our Mother Mary. Lately I’ve been praying (or singing, if I can figure out a melody) one of the hymns each morning to start myContinue reading “Hymns and Antiphons to the Virgin Mary”

Reflexions on Mary, Mother of All the Living

Like many Protestant converts, devotion to the Virgin Mary and deep friendship with Her has been a struggle for me. At the same time, amid many questions and doubts, God has since before my Confirmation given me a desire to know and love Her as my spiritual Mother, and He has only increased this. MaryContinue reading “Reflexions on Mary, Mother of All the Living”