Update on Blog and Post Schedule!

Since I’ve begun this blog while on a break from university, I have become increasingly convinced of the importance of beauty, especially as it is communicated in and through words. Beauty is a wonderful meeting of order and surprise, a mystery which awakens man from sleep and invites him into the dreamworld of a more real reality than he had before known. Without beauty, truth becomes mere information, and virtue becomes legalism; just as beauty without truth or goodness becomes a fanciful delusion, and no longer beauty. And we are in dire need of beauty today.

I want this blog to focus more on beauty, especially as regards literature, so I am doing two things. Firstly, I am narrowing the content here to pertain largely to literature and to the Catholic faith as it relates to beauty. That means my posts will often either be about literature (such as my post on why sorrowful literature is important), about a specific work of literature, my own writing of either poetry or fiction, or an aspect of life and faith which is less catechetical or advisory and rather seeks to evoke the passion and loveliness of the Church (a prime example is, I think, the aforementioned post on sorrowful literature). My intent is that you find here some things that inspire you to ponder, to wonder, and to seek more elsewhere; to move continually further up, and further in! (C. S. Lewis, The Last Battle)

The second item is that I shall be changing my schedule to publish a blog post every other Saturday. This is to allow me more time to write fiction (some of which I hope to share here) and to put greater thought into the other things I write here.

Thank you for reading my blog, and may your day be blessed by God and our Lady!

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