Three Poems for the Weary Soul

Christ the Morning Star1

Thou wakest me, 
adrift on seas of mist; 
a firm hand to my healing shoulder, 
a soft touch to my flushed cheek. 
Though I long to remain 
on the empty night—
no stars, no moon, no wind 
to guide me elsewhere—
Thou speakest thus kindly: 
Awake, my friend! 
A new star ascends to light the path 
prepared before thy feet. 
Be not afraid: 
For thee all the day have I prepared. 

The Divine Physician2

O sorrowful soul, 
     let the joy of Christ penetrate you 
          while you are yet despondent; 
O weak soul, 
     let the strength of Jesus support you
          while you are yet helpless; 
O miserable sinner, 
    let the Mercy of God overwhelm you
          while you are yet in sin; 
O wretched mortal, 
     let the Lord Jesus Eucharist die for you
          while you are yet a sinner. 

Be still
and remember, O my soul, 
the precious treasure: 
through our Hope.3
For by hope shall you attain Him.4

Again thanks to my dad, Jeffrey McPheeters, for his photography. Visit his site to see more beautiful photos or to contact him!

  1. 2 Peter 1:19.
  2. Luke 5:31-32.
  3. Titus 2:13
  4. Romans 8:24-25; St. John of the Cross: The more a soul hopes, the more it attains.

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