Reflexions on Mary, Mother of All the Living

Like many Protestant converts, devotion to the Virgin Mary and deep friendship with Her has been a struggle for me. At the same time, amid many questions and doubts, God has since before my Confirmation given me a desire to know and love Her as my spiritual Mother, and He has only increased this. MaryContinue reading “Reflexions on Mary, Mother of All the Living”

The Gifts of the Lady Galadriel: A Meditation on Pentecost

Here follows a meditation on Pentecost, when God bestowed the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, through the lens of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings—in particular the chapter of the Lady Galadriel’s giving of gifts to the Fellowship of the Ring. This I began with ardour and undertook with caution in mind,Continue reading “The Gifts of the Lady Galadriel: A Meditation on Pentecost”

Three Poems for the Troubled Heart

O Blessed Mary, Mother of All the Living O sweet lips which let fall fruit of the honeycomb, rest upon my sick heart; Whose kind ears first would hear the Child’s joy and mirth resound, incline to my poor soul. Of Morning Birdsong Listen! O thou downcast soul, disturbed spirit, weak frame— hearest thou weeping?Continue reading “Three Poems for the Troubled Heart”