Reflexions on Mary, Mother of All the Living

Like many Protestant converts, devotion to the Virgin Mary and deep friendship with Her has been a struggle for me. At the same time, amid many questions and doubts, God has since before my Confirmation given me a desire to know and love Her as my spiritual Mother, and He has only increased this. MaryContinue reading “Reflexions on Mary, Mother of All the Living”

Splendour of Mercy: The Image of Divine Mercy

In light of tomorrow’s Feast of Divine Mercy, I want to share a third reflexion to prepare us for joy and awe; here writing on the image of Divine Mercy (see above image) and the Feast’s indulgence. Jesus told St. Fasutina: ‘No soul will be justified until it turns with confidence to My mercy, andContinue reading “Splendour of Mercy: The Image of Divine Mercy”

No Greater Love: A Short Good Friday Meditation

When I consider the simple view of Jesus as a Friend who laughs and grieves with us, or a Mother who nurtures us, or a Father who loves us unconditionally; and then consider the great mystery of His Eucharistic Sacrifice, the incomprehensibility of Heaven, and His union with sinners through Baptism; I tend to dichotomiseContinue reading “No Greater Love: A Short Good Friday Meditation”