A Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

O Burning Bush of Light so pure, 
pray, I pray, that I not endure
from afar the fiery Love Thou bearest,
but in Thy sorrowful Heart may rest.
When suffer I this life's great trials,
and battle against the devil's guiles,
may I the world's pleasures forsake,
an act of reparation to make
to Thy sword-pierced Heart, O gentle Maid,
Whom the Lord to love hath bade.
Know, dear Heart, both I and Thou,
can I mine own one gift endow:
Wretchedness, misery, whose love is self-care—
this to lay at Thy feet I dare.
O Virgin of virgins, O full of Love,
I cannot bear Thy glance of a dove.
So grant me grace—cherish, pity me;
that I may be-long, wholly, to Thee.

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